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  • Design and dynamic behavior of large Ring Motors for

    Design And Dynamic Behavior Of Large Ring Motors For

    Figure 1 Ring Motor of the 38 SAG-Mill of Rio Paracat Mineraao Brazil 3 Design Verification To assure reliability of operation the mechanical design must be verified. The magnetic field and the motor torque deform the stator of the motor. The stator ovalization leads to additional air gap deformation, which must be kept between limit ...

  • MC installs stator coil connections on massive mill

    Mc Installs Stator Coil Connections On Massive Mill

    Jul 02, 2014 The massive electric motors, with diameters of 12.2 and 8.5 m respectively and with each stator quadrant weighing some 100 t, are the largest MC has helped install to date and probably the largest in Africa. ... Each SAG mill motor was completed in less than 25 days, while the ball mill motors were completed in less than 23 days.

  • Gearless Warp Around SAG Mill

    Gearless Warp Around Sag Mill

    Nov 11, 2018 Gearless Warp Around SAG Mill. For almost a decade now, very good operating experiences have been gained with a total of 28 gearless ring motor drives in the cement industry, driving tube mills with diameters of 2.5 to 4 meters with drive powers ranging from 3000 to

  • SAG Mill Rewedge Work in record time ABB

    Sag Mill Rewedge Work In Record Time Abb

    SAG Mill Rewedge Work in record time Climax Molybdenum USA Terry Reader, Electr. ... motor stator wedges ... Performed re-wedging on 25% of the motor rather than a complete re-wedge - Eliminated risks associated with the wedging process i.e. insulation damage, bars lifting, more ...

  • Failure Prediction of Induction Motors A Case Study

    Failure Prediction Of Induction Motors A Case Study

    CSLGH900/6-214, 5.8 MW, 11 kV/3ph/50 Hz Sag Mill Motor at Goldfields, Damang Mine By C. K. Amuzuvi H. Warden University of Mines and Technology . Abstract- This paper proposes a generalised feed-forward artificial neural network model that fulfils the failure prediction of a three phase 5.8MW, 11 kV Slip-Ring SAG Mill Induction Motor at ...

  • Overheating Motors at Ore Processing Plant Testing IMIA

    Overheating Motors At Ore Processing Plant Testing Imia

    grinding (SAG) mill and a ball mill. The SAG mills are driven by two 3.550 kW motors sharing a single cooling system, which consists of a pair of ventilation fans, one for operation and one for standby, connected to a single duct, which then splits to feed the two motors through their bases.

  • Literature Review Gearless Motor Failures A Mill

    Literature Review Gearless Motor Failures A Mill

    Sep 10, 2014 The Collahuasi motor was for a 40 ft SAG mill. The Antamina 38 ft SAG mill was also driven by an ABB motor and the hanger plates had not failed on that machine after several years of operation. Similarly, the Sossego motor for the 38 ft SAG mill had not failed. It too had an ABB motor and it had operated longer than the Collahuasi motor.

  • mill dual motor sag mills boulangerietretsfr

    Mill Dual Motor Sag Mills Boulangerietretsfr

    SAG mill. SAG is an acronym for Semi-Autogenous Grinding. SAG mills are autogenous mills but use grinding balls like a ball mill. A SAG mill is usually a primary or first stage grinder. SAG mills use a ball charge of 8 to 21%. The largest SAG mill is 42 (12.8m) in diameter, powered by a 28 MW (38,000 HP) motor. Read More


    Motor Technology Saving Energy Tmeic

    Mill drive example An example of slip power recovery is the wound rotor motor shown below, one of two for powering a new 10,000 kW SAG mill in Australia as shown in Figure 3. This installation includes Two 5000kW six-pole WRIMs with 11,000v stators A combining gear box driving the mill One 10,000kW liquid resistance starter (rheostat)

  • Online Monitoring System for Gearless and Low Speed Gear

    Online Monitoring System For Gearless And Low Speed Gear

    The client required an online monitoring system for its SAG mill. The stator windings in the SAG mill motor have a history of becoming loose. If untreated, loose stator windings will lead to electrical faults with the motor and if complete dislodgement occurs, damage to the stator and rotor.

  • Difference Between Sag Mill vs Ball Mill mech4study

    Difference Between Sag Mill Vs Ball Mill Mech4study

    Oct 12, 2017 1. SAG mill is the primary tool for grinding. SAG mill is used before the other mills. Ball mill is a secondary, and it is used after the SAG mill. 2. SAG mill breaks the raw material into pieces for the further grinding. Ball mill is used to grind the pieces of raw material into. powder-like structures. 3.

  • Projects Electric Motor Repairs Australian Winders

    Projects Electric Motor Repairs Australian Winders

    Rewedge 13mw ball mill AUSTRALIA. 18mw ball mill rewind ABB CHILE. 12mw ABB/Alstom mill rewind USA. 2x ABB / Alstom mills installations USA. Sossego mine, mill Rewedge and coil change -BRAZIL. Sag mill rewind in Chile CHILE. 2 x Sag mill installation, Sweden SWEDEN. Rewedge ball mill in Nevada USA USA

  • SIMINE Gearless mill drives

    Simine Gearless Mill Drives

    mill drives require a powerful control system. Excellent performance characteristics can be obtained by applying TRANSVEKTOR control. The control principle shown above is based on aligning the stator currents phase angle with the angle of effective flux. To calculate flux conditions, the motor is simulated by two mutually supplementary models,

  • SAG Mill Components Mineral Processing Metallurgy

    Sag Mill Components Mineral Processing Metallurgy

    Apr 18, 2018 SAG Mill Components. ... If the trunnion bearings are not reliable the complete mill is not reliable. Various trunnion bearings designs are used, ranging from fully hydrodynamic to fully hydrostatic. ... This makes the mill essentially a part of a synchronous .motor rotor with the stator in its usual position around the rotor. Inherent in this ...

  • Gearless mill drives ABB

    Gearless Mill Drives Abb

    28 MW GMD for 42 SAG mill Whether it is size or an installation at the highest altitude (4600 m.a.s.l.), ABBs GMDs are well ... directly at the motor for both the stator and rotor ... A thorough analysis of the complete system (mill, pole units, bearings, foundations, interaction between rotor and stator, stator ...

  • cycloconverter for sag mill 38 feet

    Cycloconverter For Sag Mill 38 Feet

    sag mill motor complete stator. Cycloconverter For Sag Mill Feet sag mill motor complete statorpermoera concrete requirement for a sag mill foundation 2 CONGA THE WORLD S FIRST 42 FOOT DIAMETER 28 MW GEARLESS SAG MILL ABSTRACT In 2010 Newmont made the decision to purchase a 42 foot ft Semi Autogenous Grinding SAG sag mill motor complete ...

  • Modeling and Evaluation of CycloconverterFed TwoStator

    Modeling And Evaluation Of Cycloconverterfed Twostator

    Dec 10, 2014 Abstract Typical drive configurations of high-capacity SAG mills use a two-stator-winding vector-controlled synchronous motor, with a 30 shift between the two windings, fed by a two-secondary delta-delta-wye power transformer and two six-pulse cycloconverters. This paper presents and evaluates three different modeling options for the SAG mill drive.

  • Uneven SAG Mill Drive Power Draw Grinding

    Uneven Sag Mill Drive Power Draw Grinding

    Using Add Reply allows you to Attach Images or PDF files and provide a more complete input. ... There are two GE motors for SAG mill but unfortunately sometimes current draw exceeds more than 300 A in one of them and makes SAG mill shut down. ... it may well be that one of the motors has insulation problems on windings in either rotor or stator ...

  • 1 x Metso SAG Mill Siemens Motor

    1 X Metso Sag Mill Siemens Motor

    1 x Metso SAG Mill Siemens Motor For Sale/Re-Assignment Mill Details Type of Mill Metso SAG Mill Mill Dimensions 11,582 mm x 7,759 mm (38 x 26) (D x L) Default Mill Speed 7.5-8.0 RPM Mill Speed 7.56-10.08 RPM Liners Excluded Mill Drive Motor Type Wrap Around (included) Mill Drive Motor Size 19,400 KW (26,016 hp) Variable Speed Drive Yes Max.

  • The Siemens 42ft gearless mill drive still an

    The Siemens 42ft Gearless Mill Drive Still An

    The ring motor is not self-supported and requires the mill to mount the rotor poles and needs the mill foundation to support the stator. In addition, considerations for mill load-ing and environmental factors such as earthquakes would be required to accurately represent conditions at a typical mine site.

  • PDF Evaluation of synchronous motors on grinding mills

    Pdf Evaluation Of Synchronous Motors On Grinding Mills

    Ball mills and SAG mills, ... To replace the sensor the information on the rotor speed is extracted from measured stator voltages and currents at the motor terminals. ... complete control of ...


    Online Monitoring System For Gearless And

    The stator windings in the SAG mill motor have a history of becoming loose. If untreated, loose stator windings will lead to electrical faults with the motor and if complete dislodgement occurs, damage to the stator and rotor. Any downtime in the equipment for repairs is a loss in the ability to

  • PDF Technical Evaluation and Practical Experience of

    Pdf Technical Evaluation And Practical Experience Of

    Voltage waveform at the rectifier input side of an 18 000-hp LCI SAG mill drive. ... fed mill drive with one three-phase stator winding in the motor. ... that a complete harmonic study of the ...

  • When it Comes to Mining Bigger is Best

    When It Comes To Mining Bigger Is Best

    (SAG) mill, ball mill, and crusher. A ball mill is a slightly inclined, horizon- ... mill forms the rotor of the motor, with ... The stator is mounted around the pole assembly. The operation is carried out with high precision so that the final gap between the poles and the stator is no more than 1416mm, depending on the mill size. By not hav-

  • Drive and Automatic Control Management

    Drive And Automatic Control Management

    Complete change rotor pole Siemens Ring motor SAG 2012 CUSTOMER TYPE OF SERVICE YEARS Minera Alumbrera Stator Alignment, SAG2 Ring Motor. 2014 CUSTOMER TYPE OF SERVICE YEARS Codelco, Divisin El Teniente Stator Alignment, SAG1 Ring Motor. 2015 CUSTOMER TYPE OF SERVICE Siemens AG - (SS IP PEP PM (Germany, Australia, Bolivia, Mexico, Zambia and ...

  • Gearless mill drive system in iron ore processing

    Gearless Mill Drive System In Iron Ore Processing

    Jul 08, 2014 ABBs scope of supply includes two GMD systems for 38 foot 23 mw SAG mills (Fig.) comprising transformers, ring motors and complete containerized electrical houses (e-houses). The variable speed drive solution allows for optimization of the grinding processes for ores with varying properties and different mill loads.

  • Siemens expands mining portfolio to include gearless drive

    Siemens Expands Mining Portfolio To Include Gearless Drive

    Aug 28, 2010 As output volumes continue to rise in ore mines, the demands on mill drives are also growing. Whereas in the 1990s the most common types in service were 20- and 22-foot ball mills and 36-foot SAG mills, in the meantime ball mills with a diameter of 24 feet and SAG mills with a diameter of 38 feet are in widespread use.

  • Gearless mill drives Mining Weekly

    Gearless Mill Drives Mining Weekly

    Jun 26, 2009 The sixty rotor poles each weigh about 1,8 t, which gives a total motor mass in excess of 400 t. The rotor poles are mounted on a flange near the feed end of the mill.

  • Genuine Parts GE Motors PDF Catalogs Technical

    Genuine Parts Ge Motors Pdf Catalogs Technical

    Quality Matters Weve manufactured motors for over 125 years. In 1879, GE founder, Thomas Edison constructed the first electric motor for a 110 to 120 Volt line at Menlo Park, NJ. This device still exists and is operative It is located in the Edison Historical Collection in New Jersey. GEs Genuine Parts were designed for your GE motors.

  • Industrial Solutions Autogenous

    Industrial Solutions Autogenous

    Shell supported ball mills are ideal for the use of ring motor drives 3 Because of the high rigidity of the mill shell, troublefree transmission of the magnetic forces is assured. 3 Due to the individual self-adjustment of the sliding shoes, the pole pads attached to the

  • PSP Machinery References

    Psp Machinery References

    Stator frame 25,4 t ... Metso Trunnion bearing 90x26 16 t Foto 2017 Metso Conical BM shell 8x 72 45 t Foto 2017 Outotec SAG Mill Shell 10,97 x 5,79 m 176 t Foto ... Ring motor 165,1 t

  • Mining Resources Engineered Repair Services Wajax

    Mining Resources Engineered Repair Services Wajax

    With a network of more than 4,000 world-class industrial component partners, were your one-stop shop for all your mining needs. From open pit mining to deep underground, our comprehensive product offering ranges from custom power generator systems to filtration, instrumentation, fluid handling, bearings, to bulk material handling, hydraulics and conveyor systems.

  • Slip Ring Motors matrixindustries

    Slip Ring Motors Matrixindustries

    The units stator core features are insulated low-loss and high-grade electrical steel.The slot is precisely punched and special consideration is paid to protect coil insulation against damage during stator core build. The complete core is pressed between steel endplates and welded for strength and rigidity.

  • Autogenous mills semiautogenous mills and ball

    Autogenous Mills Semiautogenous Mills And Ball

    the-art simulation tools allows Polysius to design and build complete ... of motor stator and motor poles, which are attached to the mill shell. Drive motors In the case of ring gear drives, either wound rotor induction motors or synchronous motors ... motor on a SAG mill.

  • Modeling and evaluation of cycloconverterfed twostator

    Modeling And Evaluation Of Cycloconverterfed Twostator

    Request PDF Modeling and evaluation of cycloconverter-fed, two-stator windings SAG mill drive. Part II Starting evaluation A detailed evaluation of a SAG mill starting is presented using ...

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